World Ranking

Formula Student World – Ranking List

Due to the variance of the international competitions and with respect to the growing size of the Formula SAE/Formula Student network and scene the FS-world team discussed and decided to come up with a way to consolidate the results of all competitions that are carried out with respect to the official rules of FSAE/Formula Student.

The clear target was and is to allow any team to see and communicate upon its development and its success as well in comparison to teams that are due to financial and/or geographical reasons out of any reach for a team of students to step into direct competition. Additionally to that the world ranking is established in the very first moment with a significant history over the last years. Target is to allow all teams to see how it is developing and to identify the consistency in working and developing each team’s performance.

Even if the world ranking shows and respects results and points in this ranking there are no winners, only placed teams. For us, the FS-world team, any team that manages to design and build a car besides their studies, to assemble it, to test it and to show up at any event in the world is a clear winner.

Currently, our team stands in the 32nd place among 514 teams, the best for us so far.

You can see the complete rankings here.