Thessaloniki Formula Show

For the first time, Aristotle Racing Team held an event named "Thessaloniki Formula Show" in Thessaloniki, which was successfully completed. More specifically, on January 18th, ART created a specially formed track in Aristotle Square, attracting people to watch the latest successful single-seated car of ART14 team in live demonstration.


The purpose of this all-day event was tο present the team's racing single-seated car in action, as well as to introduce team's achievements in the previous summer. It's worth mentioning that ART14, was the racing-car that led the team to major success, such as the fourth place in overall classification that the team achieved in Italy’s race competition.



Simultaneously more events took place in the "ART" area. The public had the opportunity to visit the "ART” pavilion, a specially designed area for the visitors of the team, and become familiar with the members and the actions of the team. Alongside with the track and the pavilion, TFS included also an older, yet successful ART car (ART12) which was transformed into a simulator, enabling kids to test the car by playing and enjoy a racing experience offered by our team. Last but not least, people had the chance to participate in a competition in which they could win limited edition accessories by ART.


The sponsors of TFS gave a major contribution for the successful completion of the event. We would like to thank "Radio Thessaloniki 94,5 fm" for its valuable contribution and "Next Fm 96,1"for the music custody of the event. In addition, the ART team warmly thanks the official sponsors of the event:

  1. Δήμος Θεσσαλονίκης 
  2. Αριστοτέλειο Πανεπιστήμιο Θεσσαλονίκης
  3. Kyriakos Rontsis
  4. Studio Eleven
  6. ROCK RADIO 104.7 official
  8. SeitanF1

Above all, the contribution of  the Fire Department and the Management Team and Disaster (O.D.A.K/AUTH) was remarkable , keeping everybody safe  throughout the whole event. Aristotle Racing Team is thankful for all the people who embraced the show and looking forward to the next one…

Because Racing Is Art