FSAEI2014 | Italy

The third race where ART participated was held on the track “Riccardo Palleti”, in Varano , Italy , from 29/8 to 1/9/2014. ART managed to distinguish between 50 European teams , most of which were the top ones worldwide. Initially, our team took the 3rd place in Cost and the 7th in Business Plan Presentation. It also ranked 9th in Mechanical Design. Then, we achieved high scores in Accelaration and Skidpad, while in Autocross we took the 5th place which led us to start the events of Endurance and Fuel Economy at the top five. In both of these events we came 5th. Finally, we gathered 751/1000 and took the 4th place overall. These are the highest points achieved in the history of the team, but also the highest score ever received by a Greek team in an official Formula Student Combustion Competition.